As a season ticket holder, what information do I need to provide?

It’s Simple! Share My Seats has already made the connection with multiple charitable organizations in order to ensure that your generously donated tickets will make it into the hands of those who will greatly appreciate the experience. All you need to do is provide the following information to any of our Share My Seats, Inc. representatives.

Ticket location / Email address / Phone Number

What if my tickets are unavailable until right before the event?

Not a problem! Share My Seats is built around this very concept. We have already made it possible for last minute tickets to make it into the hands of appreciative individuals at our designated non-profits in order to guarantee your generous donation will not go to waste.

Which event tickets are you able to accept?

Any and all tickets will be greatly appreciated by those who attend! We are able to accept MLB, NBA, NFL, and NHL tickets, as well as all other entertainment tickets. We will ensure that your tickets will provide an unforgettable experience for individuals who may not otherwise get that opportunity.

Which non-profit organizations have partnered with Share My Seats?

Currently we are partnered with three main non-profit organizations:

Phoenix Children’s Hospital

Boys & Girls Club of Arizona

The 100 Club of Arizona

It does not stop there! Share My Seats representatives are actively meeting with a variety of other non-profit organizations who may benefit from your generous donation. Once we have established a relationship with a coordinator at a new non-profit organization, we will immediately update the list in order to provide you with more options to choose from.

How can I donate to Share My Seats, Inc.?

There are two ways you or your business can make a tax deductable donation to Share My Seats, Inc. while providing a one of a kind experience for an individual at one of our partnered organizations

1) Donate tickets.

2) Make a monetary donation.

Can all ticket holders join the Share My Seats community?

Of course! While Share My Seats, Inc. mainly focuses on providing “VIP” seats to individuals, we are extremely grateful for any donations, and have set up a system that will ensure that any tickets donated will find their way to very appreciative individuals.

Will my season ticket account information be safe?

Yes, your account information is safe and secure; Share My Seats Inc. will never share or sell your information.